Tap into Your Center

Tap into Your Center

Get the tools to effortlessly reach your deepest state of ease.

Sound Meditation can open up states of clarity and ease that are often unaccessible without years of meditation practice.

Listening to these sounds can clear anxiety, ease depression and bring a sense of refreshment.

High Quality Sound

High Quality Sound

This is nothing like a sound bath you can find on youtube. The audio quality is next level.

It feels like we are doing a private sound bath in your room!

Enjoy the gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Native American flute, didgeridoo, vibraphone, monochord and so much more, 24/7.

Access Livestream and Special Events

Access Livestream and Special Events

Your monthly pass also gives you access to ALL livestreams

Tune in with community every Sunday at 9pm (75 minutes) and Wednesday at 9pm (40 minutes).

Access special events, yoga nidra, and more!

"absolutely transporting, healing, incredibly soothing to the nervous system" - Reeta

"thank you from the bottom of my heart— the first time I've felt a sense of relaxation for almost 3 months" -Diane

"This was a huge gift, much needed, deeply moving and healing." -Marguerite

“Sounds that make you travel from inner depths to the outer expanse of creation” - Dhiraj

"I can’t wait to dream & float with you again. Everyone needs the grounding force of a sound bath right now" - Tiff

"So beautiful. Soothing. Calming. Just what I needed." - Kristine

What is Sound Meditation?

Sound Meditation (often known as ‘sound healing’) is the practice of listening to soothing sounds to reach profound states of clarity and relaxation.

It opens up meditative states of consciousness that are usually unreachable without considerable effort.

It also helps lessen anxiety and stress. We recommend this practice particularly for those who find meditation challenging, or feel they 'can't get there'. Give this a try ;)